I was privileged to deliver a speech in one of the very big occasion held in Portharcourt on 30th of April 2018. And after the programme I was handed a very handsome envelope by an individual(i don't know what is in there cos I haven't checked it up till this moment that I am typing). Many people thanked me that day and extended their sincere appreciation for I was able to tell them what they don't know in this life and even encouraged them also.

And for the love that I have for you all, I decided that I have to drop the same speech to all of you (after all what are friends for). I believe after dropping this, your life will change for better and will not remain the same.

I stood on top of the platform and watching for about over 10,000 heads, I became jittered but brace up some courage as my mouth opened and I began to speak and it went thus;

"Standing before you all is Gibson Hillary, coming to this program wasn't by my power but by the grace of God that was conferred on me and also for the love I have for you all, I have to deliver this speech.
There is this very law in science that I love most and it happen to be one of the most simplest law. Many people thought that this law is only applicable to objects according to physic but when you look deep into it, you're gonna know that there is a lesson of life that accompanied it.

Sir Isaac Newton stated the law, and I quote "An object is said to remain in a state of rest or in uniform motion unless it is been acted upon by an external force". When you look into your life, family, studies, society and anywhere you find yourself, there is always a stagnancy in whatsoever you do, simply because you never care to bring in an external force into your life or family(I am not preaching but telling you the fact).

Are you a father in your family, leader in a society. The question is, what are you doing to make your family move forward(progress) and not to remain in a state of rest, Are you really an EXTERNAL FORCE to your people or you stand as a RESTORING FORCE(a force which tend to make an object move backward, thereby causing a to and fro movement) to them. Being a lion in your home can never move your people forward because there won't be free and easy communication, which might cease them from expressing their feelings and opinion to you, or you never care to accept your own wife's suggestion or opinion simply because your are the head of the family and you feel you are doing the right thing, DEAR you are causing a state of rest (stagnancy) in you and family (Dictatorship can never work). Try to be an easy man!

Are you a mother in your family, what are you to the family which you care for. Are you the type that is always jealous of the success of another woman's child? Maltreating another woman's child just because he/she is a house help to you is a stagnancy to you and your family because you are indirectly pushing that child forward and leaving your children behind. You are not contended with the little thing your husband did for you out of sweat, but instead you complain a lot (Appreciation makes people work more harder do more than you could expect). Do you think pushing your daughter into being a prostitute, knowingly or unknowingly can make her marry a better man in future or marry on time! Or siding your son even though he does anything wrong and was convicted of that. You are drawing them back! Treat and train everyone equally because of a better future cos you can't predict what is gonna happen in the next one second let alone  many years ahead.

Are you a student/child in your school environment! My question for you is that, What are you to your fellow student, An EXTERNAL FORCE or A RESTORING FORCE? Tell me!  My brother/sister, helping other students by carrying them along academically, making sure that you allow them move forward and not to remain in a state of rest, making them grow spiritually, morally financially and physically, you are said to be an EXTERNAL FORCE, but luring a student into being a cult member, Stealing their belongings, being jealous of others progressions, discouraging and deceiving people, embezzling there money simply because you are an SUG official, My brother/ sister you are nothing but a correct RESTORING FORCE.


Drop your comments below, thanks.


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