So I thought and was always feeling pompous before girls and even threaten to beat some until I encountered one that placed me in order.

About eleven years ago, before I began to put maturities into considerations. I have this cameleona nature, I could be calm and atimes exhibit some weird habits.

There was this very girl I knew back then in my secondary school, my classmate. People do get scared of her because of her wild and weird natures. she could fight with any of her fellow girls and defeat them. And atimes exchange boxes with guys. But that alone never frightened me because of the mentality of "women being the weaker vessels and they being created with one rib from a man" which I had back then. I had always wanted to receive praises and respects from people as I began to seek combat from her. She could be walking on her lane and I would deliberately cross path her. We could be in the class when teacher wasn't in, and I would seize her bag or pen, returned to my seat, sat relax-fully and wait for her to plead for it before I returned it with a kick on her leg as bonus just for her to react but she wouldn't do anything. This kind of lifestyle I kept on reiterating and did all I could do just for us to be found in a battle ground so I could teach her lesson, so I thought, but all to no avail. I never still stopped because I haven't gotten what I wanted from her and the so called praises from students then.

But on one fateful day, on Friday if I could recalled vividly. Back then, some students wouldn't want to board the first bus because of the presence of staffs and so it would be boring and funless. So we would always wait for the second bus because of the fun derived from there and that also had served us as avenue to play well before the arrival of the bus because our teachers back then were good in using our break periods to teach us, trying to finish up their schemes of work. The girls would engage in their kind of games, chasing themselves around, while the guys would turn Messi and Ronaldo on the field. 

Though I was never being involved in the football game because I was never good on pitch or field game but at home I was the only Christiano Ronaldo that could bend right knees and raise big toe to strike a ball which could move on a straight path but on approaching the goal keeper, it whines off. So in school, I would stand with other guys to hail who were playing well. Then we have football gurus in my class. Just as I was cheering the players and oscillating back and forth, left and right with so much ecstasy that my classmates were pressing the other guys, a girl came with a force and we had a collision, I sprang off rightly sideway and in respect to her direction, but it seems my left leg was faster and ahead of the other one, just when I hastily tried to bring the right leg further and sprucely ahead so I could gain the ground again and retained my balance, it collided with the left leg and I fell. I heard some thunderous shouts from the crowd, the football game stopped, people became statued, I looked around to see who had done that, to my total dismay, it was the girl.

Today she has fallen in my trap, I thought to myself. I stood in anger, rushed her and landed some blows on her. I could hear her scream as she shouted
"it wasn't intentional, I didn't know you were there!", I attacked again, this time, with greater m
omentum and Intensity. Then She began to resist my punch but never attacked back.
Some people were already acclaiming and hailing, "Hiiillaaary! Hiiiillaaaary! Okaaafor!" But that alone had heightened my morale to do more not knowing the devil was actually the one inside the students and cheering through them. Just then I continued hitting the girl and kicking her hard, but it came to a point where I became so astonished at her sudden change, she no longer resist but stood firm and statued in anger, her fierce look got me jittered, I moved a step back, she followed me, I moved the second time she followed suite. So many thoughts of how to put the fight to a halt raced through my mind, but none was perfect and I never wanted to be tagged a coward before a girl. I had to face whatever comes out. The devil in humans' form kept on cheering. I wouldn't want to disappoint my guys. Then I held my teeth firmly to themselves, jumped against gravity, wanted to land myself and the punch all together on her but before I could do that, I had received a double mega punch on the neck while in the air within some seconds. The point pain suddenly turned uniformly distributed one that I could feel it equally all over my body. I held and squashed her cloth to her chest forgetting that I was fighting a woman but on touching the softest part of her chest fear braced me and I quickly change position. We swung at the same time and her punch connected and I stumbled back about five feet but before I could catch my balance, it landed again on my neck, this time heavier and harder.

She rushed in again so I went for a double and ended up ducking under and taking her back, gave her a light punch. But she turned sharply and landed some pretty suplex on my Tommy, I bent low, while touching my Tommy, she got me sunk in her hooks, though my left arm was free, and each light punch I gave, I received triple. it was then I realised that the third law of Isaac Newton had failed In my case. I never received the same reaction as the action I offered. Just when I was about to feebly get my neck off her arm, school bus arrived and there was sudden dispersion of the student. To your tent oh Israel!

I panted heavily like one who had Corona Virus as I left for my bag with swollen face and head straight up and never looked side ways, I left and never uttered a single word to avoid tears following up.

What I have been looking for, had been offered to me in quantum. Since then I never tried any lady whether big or small and never referred them, weaker vessels.


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