Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
I turned back sharply from what i was staring at on the wall in one of the corridors leading to the maternity and some other wards there in University of Portharcourt teaching Hospital(UPTH) as I got so nerved  at the sudden yell from the patient as she laid helplessly on the stretcher. Just then she was being pushed along by some nurses to the ward. This very labour must at it peak as I watched the big protuded belly to try and see if Could X-ray through it with my eyes to know the number of babies in there, though my sympathy and feelings for her was still strong as they disappear.

So i decided to sit and wait, though was still waiting to get the Hospital visiting permit from the DNSA's office. Just then the yell persists and was even louder than before. It seems it's her first labour, would she slay here or take selfies here at this moment? I thought to myself. But then I was already feeling what husbands do feel when their wives are in labour.
Labour i see it as an annoying case of menstrual cramps, i see it as a deteriorating menstrual cramps. Don't ask me how i knew or if i am a woman!
It takes alots of energy and mental stamina. At that very moment, contraction comes in waves with a break between them, they tends to experience intense muscular tightening throughout the abdomen and pelvic area. The pressures on her back and bladder are heightened. All these combines to escalate the pains, agony and predicaments she would pass through, there she yell! Some find it Excruciating. Atimes the baby coming out might be too big that episiotomy(a cut done when a baby is too large) would then be considered.

 Lmao... GIRLS DON'T GET SCARED...! Just wanted to disseminate some message across
All these are what they(ladies) pass through after the Nine months of pregnancy carriage and hard-work which might follow but And  Most men would not consider this but still place priority on a particular gender type of child over the other when having. A man would say that he never wanted a female child again but male child this  time or the opposite. All he wanted is this  and not that . BUT SHE IS NOT GOD, remember! Atimes he might even start rejecting her foods and beating her up and threaten to bring in another woman, for not giving him the type of Gender-child he wanted.
But if i may ask those men and some of these young boys who might behave as such, this question, that ''while you were getting your waist performing that "sweet oscillatory motions" on her body, and had the enjoyment that emanated from there, you never new that she would give what you never expected, or what were you thinking?''.

Atleast brace that human sympathy in you, show her some love, kiss her, let her know that you still care.

for her no matter any gender type of child she delivers. Let her know you equally share the same pain with her and God through nature would smile at you, and do the needful for to be happy.

Hi friends , i hope this advice is helpful, Please comment below what you feel about the article and state what(Anything) you would want to to see next, thanks.


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